What is CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas, also well known as CNG, is an auto fuel in Gaseous state. Mainly comprising of Methane (80% to 90%) CNG is low density and is compressed up to 200 bar pressure so that it can be stored in a larger capacity in the fuel tank. Hence, it is named Compressed Natural Gas

Some salient benefits of CNG are as below

CNG is economical and one of the preferred alternative fuel sources for vehicles today

CNG is pollution free and is a clean burning fuel

CNG is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

CNG is lighter than air, hence in case of leakage CNG disperses quickly into the air instead of on the ground, reducing the risk of fire and ground contamination

This natural gas is mixed with an odorant to add flavour similar to the odour of LPG from a domestic cylinder so as to facilitate detection of its leakage.